UC EXPO 2019 - Andrew Maher

Andrew Maher

Andrew Maher

Company: Avaya

Job Title: Customer Engagement Evangelist - EMEA

Andrew Maheris a 25 year veteran of the customer experience arena. For over 20 years he has been working with Avaya’s clients across the globe.

He is an award winning leader and speaker in the area of new media and its role within enterprises and their interactions with customers. When engaging with clients Andrew describes himself as B2B2C focused, his concern is of his customer’s customers. As a certified social media strategist he is addressing the CxOs of Fortune 100s to develop with them the needs of this up and coming interaction channel. Andrew is based in Frankfurt, Germany. He can most easily be found on Twitter @serviceplease20 where he talks about the Engagement 4.0, Customer Service and how to tame those digital customer interactions.