UC EXPO 2019 - Jaypaul Barrow

Jaypaul Barrow

Jaypaul Barrow

Company: MultiTaction

Job Title: Senior Director and Technologist

Twitter: Jaypaul Barrow LinkedIn: Jaypaul Barrow

Jaypaul is a Senior Director and Technologist at MultiTaction. He brings with him a wealth of experience spanning more than 18 years’ in the industry and delivering innovative business strategies for multi-discipline AV solutions.

Having previously been a Senior Business Development Manager at Planar systems and Leyard Europe, he has had extensive experience in a full spectrum of AV products, and was awarded for his presentation on the “Fundamentals of LED” as the most beneficial presentation by members of the “AV User Group”.  

Jaypaul has also been Managing Director of Effective Technology Solutions, where he has offered his unique perspective to provide technology-based solutions that solve the problems of now and the future, within a wide range of industries.

With a broad knowledge of disruptive technology, Jaypaul has created and implemented numerous successful national marketing strategies, and has pioneering ideas on how workplaces can adapt for the future.