Max Doelle

Max Doelle

Company: Kazendi

Job Title: Founder and Chief Prototyper

Twitter: Max Doelle LinkedIn: Max Doelle

Max Doelle is the Founder and Chief Prototyper at Kazendi, a lean innovation studio bringing pioneering commercial prototype solutions to a range of different industries.
Kazendi has fast become Europe’s leading HoloLens studio and has created bespoke commercial projects for brands such as Unilever, Allianz and Selligent among others.
As Chief Prototyper, Max works to engage companies by demonstrating the opportunities that come with emerging technologies. Working exclusively with the HoloLens platform, Kazendi delivers innovation on a daily basis for clients looking to break with traditional industry moulds. Kazendi presents companies with a unique opportunity to explore new ground and enhance consumer engagement on an unprecedented level through this new and ground breaking technology.