UC EXPO 2019 - Omri Sigelman

Omri Sigelman

Omri Sigelman

Company: NURO Secure Messaging

Job Title: Co-founder & Chief Strategy and Product Officer

Twitter: Omri Sigelman LinkedIn: Omri Sigelman

Omri Sigelman is Co-founder of Nuro Secure Messaging, a secure group messaging platform that allows organizations including enterprise, government and the armed forces to regain privacy and ownership of group collaboration between employees and authorized third parties for security and compliance purposes.
Omri is an experienced tech entrepreneur having co-founded DroidSecurity, the first security suite for Android mobile devices in the market. The company later became AVG Mobile after being acquired by AVG Technologies, protecting over 100 million active users worldwide. Omri led the AVG Mobile marketing and product management teams.
In the early part of his career, Omri founded Anecdots, a revolutionary technology for web browsers. He was also a senior director with Britannica Knowledge Systems, responsible for all regional sales activity, including both pre- and post- sales client relationships.
He also co-founded Z-Plus, an e-commerce web venture.