Tom Moreton

Tom Moreton

Company: Context Information Security

Job Title: Lead Researcher

Tom Moreton Seminars

  • Hacking and Securing Communication Devices [Live Hack] Thu 18th May 14:20 - 15:10

    Hacking and Securing Communication Devices [Live Hack]

    Communication devices are evolving rapidly - whether it’s a smartphone accessing corporate email or a video conference phone hosting a board-meeting, these devices are ubiquitous, and privy to very sensitive information. They present a growing target for hackers and security considerations have never been so important.
    This talk will go through some of the risks posed by communication devices in corporate environments, demonstrate practical attacks, and recommend ways to keep sensitive data secure.


    Tom Moreton

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    Thu 18th May 14:20 to 15:10

    Networks, Analytics & Security