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Company profile
Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Berlin Germany, Snom is a German multinational corporation and the world’s first and leading brand of professional and enterprise VoIP telephones. Snom is an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of VTech. Snom operates wholly owned subsidiaries and branches in the United States, UK, France, Italy, Spain and Taiwan.
Snom’s German engineering is globally renowned for robust, high quality and feature-rich business telephones. All of Snom’s products are universally compatible with leading IP PBX platforms. Snom products are sold through more than 65 distributors to over 25,000 Snom Value Added Resellers across the world.

In the UK Snom products are distributed through ProVu Communications, Electronic Frontier Ltd (EFL), and Westcon.

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White papers

Voice Quality
Sound design is an art form at Snom and is at the core of our development utilising some of the world's most advance voice quality engineering tools.

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VoIP Software
Snom software has a history of development and improvements spanning over 15 years and provides the business professional with features and settings that make it powerful, flexible and versatile.

Software_Snom_Whte Paper_2015-08-09 Final.pdf 68.45 kB

German Engineering
Snom's R&D is derived from our German heritage and best practices. Work at Snom is “craft” with systems that are elegant and practical, providing superb and unmatched product quality.

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