Christopher Martini

Christopher Martini

Company: VOSS Solutions

Job Title: VP Skype for Business

Twitter: Christopher Martini LinkedIn: Christopher Martini

Christopher Martini has over 20 years of experience in communications technology with a focus on the Microsoft stack and ecosystem. Christopher's perspective on the Microsoft ecosystem is unique as he has spent years as a Microsoft employee, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and as an enterprise IT customer. Prior to VOSS, Christopher was VP of Skype for Business at Connect Solutions. Christopher has helped organizations large and small define and realize their UC vision.

Christopher Martini Seminars

  • Secrets of a Successful Microsoft UC Deployment Thu 17th May 11:00 - 11:30

    Secrets of a Successful Microsoft UC Deployment

    Historically, the move to Microsoft UC presented Enterprise customers with a whole host of technical issues to contemplate and overcome. Will our network handle the load? What about complex call routing and dial plans? Do we have the ability to do robust analysis on the environment for troubleshooting purposes? Is the IT team really being tasked to drive adoption and consumption? In 2018, it is easier than ever to understand and overcome these obstacles, however there is a whole host of other potential pitfalls that you will need to face. Be prepared.
    In this presentation, Christopher Martini, VP for Microsoft at VOSS, will share with you many of the most current obstacles that prevent a Microsoft UC deployment from being successful and provide some great tips and techniques to help your organization avoid these common blockers.


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    Thu 17th May 11:00 to 11:30

    Microsoft Theatre