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Michael Affronti

Michael Affronti

Company: Fuze

Job Title: VP of Product

Twitter: Michael Affronti

Michael Affronti is the VP of Product at Fuze in New York City, a tech company that builds unified collaboration apps and services for large enterprises. Affronti joined Fuze in January 2015 via the acquisition of Contactive, a big-data startup in NYC, where he ran the product and design team for the previous two years. Prior to Contactive and Fuze, Affronti spent 10 years at Microsoft in Seattle, working in product development to build social collaboration experiences in Lync, Office365, Outlook, Exchange, and Yammer. Affronti is also an instructor at General Assembly, advises several startups in NYC and Seattle, and regularly blogs about product management, leadership, and productivity. He holds two U.S. patents and has 13 more pending for innovations in the enterprise productivity space. In past lives, Affronti was a DJ (who looked like Vanilla Ice) and a personal trainer, and he still wakes at up 4:22 a.m. every day to CrossFit and vacuum. He lives in Brooklyn, across the street from his family's butcher shop, and remains in constant conflict about whether to adopt a third cat.

Michael Affronti Seminars

  • Workforce Futures: Unlocking the Human Potential Wed 16th May 12:20 - 13:20

    Workforce Futures: Unlocking the Human Potential

    At a time where large enterprises like IBM and Yahoo are calling people back to the office, remote and flexible work are growing in popularity. Based on new global research surveying 6,600 employees across 10 countries, Fuze will share new findings on worker preferences on how, when, and where people like to work; what makes work effective; the role of automation/AI; and to what extent are we unlocking our human potential. During this session, Michael will be joined on stage by our guest speaker, Sophie Wade, Founder and Workforce Innovation Specialist at Flexcel Network.


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    Sophie Wade

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    Wed 16th May 12:20 to 13:20