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Ric Harvey

Ric Harvey

Company: Amazon Web Services

Job Title: Technical Developer Evangelist

Ric Harvey is a Technical Developer Evangelist at Amazon Web Services and works closely with a team of experts to deliver deep dive content and demo’s using cloud technologies. His background is as a solutions architect and linux engineer, working on large scale websites with high demand such as, Channel 4, Ticketmaster and the Rugby Six Nations to name a few. Ric specialises in Serverless Computing and Containers with an engineering slant of integrating these technologies with CI/CD pipelines. Ric’s cloud experience dates back to 2006 when S3 was first launched. He is also a graduate in Computer Science, Robotics and Intelligent Machinery giving him a solid understanding of AI/ML to produce some fun and informative demonstrations. Working at Amazon Web Services has allowed him to focus on his passions of Open Source Solutions and Community Building especially within the UK and Ireland and he enjoys working closely with the community and AWS User Groups.

Ric Harvey Seminars

  • Serve Your Customers With Artificial Intelligence From The Cloud, Right Now! Thu 17th May 14:20 - 14:50

    Serve Your Customers With Artificial Intelligence From The Cloud, Right Now!

    Intelligent Voice interfaces powered by deep learning neural networks are no longer the stuff of science fiction. We’re all familiar with simplicity and power of Amazon's Alexa Voice Service, and the Amazon Echo devices that make it simple for consumers to access this technology; technology that just a few years ago would have been regarded as difficult, if not impossible, to engineer, deploy and operate at scale. What if you could put the same capabilities to work in your contact centre; answering common customer questions and allowing customers to conduct transactions at any time of the day or night, using their just their phone and their voice, without needing to recruit, train, accommodate and retain large numbers of agents? Join this session to learn how you can make this a reality today!


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    Thu 17th May 14:20 to 14:50