Collaborative apps have been the real breakout success story of the past 12 months, with more and more vendors competing to offer the best, most comprehensive suites of collaboration tools.

Yammer, Jive, Huddle, Box, Dropbox, Mindjet, UnifyCircuit, SharePoint, and more, are going head to head with the collaborative options available within larger cloud suites. Even on-premise enterprise stalwarts, such as SAP and Oracle, are going head to head with the best-of-breed vendors, with offerings from social platforms, such as Facebook, also on the horizon.

With cloud storage fast becoming a free or low-cost commodity add-on to other services, enterprise functionality and seamless integration with other tools, such as Office applications, is the main battleground.

But collaborative tools alone don't create collaborative organisations. Their introduction needs careful management in line with business goals – otherwise businesses may find that they're simply making a lot of noise about doing very little.

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