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As the market leader in Collaboration Cisco is extremely excited to be at UCExpo. This year we are going to be working with our partners to bring to life our Collaboration portfolio so you can see some of the cool new solutions we have to offer. Visit the Cisco theatre and come and hear the exciting news we have to share around the areas of Video, Social, Mobile and how these are enabling a New Workspace that is unlike any that we have seen before. Meet our partners to discuss how these solutions can apply to your business in the real world.

Getting ready to usher in the next wave of productivity is going to be critical for all organisations and this is what Cisco and its partners will be focused on.

Cisco Seminars

  • Cisco Keynote: Collaboration in the Age of Digital Transformation Marianne Calder  |   Cisco  |   Tue 19th Apr 10:00 - 10:30

    Keynote Theatre

    Tue 19th Apr 10:00 to 10:30

    Cisco Keynote: Collaboration in the Age of Digital Transformation

    By 2020, 70% of companies will be digital. The pace of technology is accelerating. Every country. Every city and Every business is on a journey to become digital.  Businesses must stand out in a big way in order to gain a strategic edge with their customers – and with their employees. The way we work is changing in every organisation.

    Please join Marianne Calder, as she shares insight how “the way we work is changing”  and how companies with successful digital transformations are addressing three critical questions:

    Are we driving the very best in workforce efficiency and attracting employees of the future?   
    Are we focusing on securing consumer loyalty via the latest in predictive insights and analytics?
    Are we adjusting our business models to optimize our operations?


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    Marianne Calder Marianne Calder View Profile
  • Making Collaboration Spark Karl Kocar  |   Cisco   |   Tue 19th Apr 13:20 - 13:50

    Enterprise Mobility, Video & Flexible Working Theatre

    Tue 19th Apr 13:20 to 13:50

    Making Collaboration Spark

    Spark allows an organisation to break down communications silos, it takes a cloud based approach to mobile first team working, while at the same time providing investment protection for existing Cisco customers via Hybrid Services. Spark can be manipulated through REST APIs or easily integrated with well-known consumer applications. Attend this session to find out more.


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    Karl Kocar Karl Kocar View Profile

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