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Real-time world connections at your fingertips

Epson will be showcasing its latest interactive business projectors. Featuring advanced interactivity features, vibrant and engaging presentations are literally at your fingertips.
Whether in the classroom or a meeting room, this revolutionary technology uses finger-touch or dual pen interactivity to make it easy to display and edit a wide range of content, annotate presentations in real time, and to save and share collaborative work.

With the ability to connect between four parties from different locations, its finger touch interactivity allows you to control your presentations in real-time. As a result, the exchange of information has never been simpler.

Epson has earned its position as the world’s number one projector manufacturer with a range of high-performance projectors that create big, bright and clear images. With ultra short-throw capability, wireless printing, and a Whiteboard Mode, Epson’s projectors give you the capacity you need to deliver powerful and collaborative presentations.

Bring the world closer together with Epson’s interactive business projectors.

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