Company Profile

MDS Amiba develops Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) for deployment in the SME market through Service Providers.

1. Business benefits for the Service Provider
• Fully branded market-ready solution, with quick time to market and no development cycle
• Assured monthly recurring revenues
• High value-add, improving customer retention

2. Product advantages
• Smart phone apps with full system phone functionality on iPhone and Android
• Fully integrated contact centre with wall boards and reports per agent and skill set
• Video collaboration, based on Web RTC, with screen sharing
• Instant Messaging with message history
• Five nines reliability
• Highly secure communications with encrypted signalling, voice and video

3. Existing deployments
• Solution already deployed in 760k businesses in Western Europe, in CPE format.
• Cloud-based version rolled out by Magnet, Ireland’s leading broadband provider.
• Deployments running through distribution partners in USA, Belgium, Germany and France.

White paper

Why move from Asterisk to Amiba
Advantages of deploying a third-party solution versus in-house development.

Why move from Asterisk to Amiba.pdf 520.62 kB

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