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Qudo provides all the features of an enterprise class telephone system without the investment and complicated deployment. As a cloud based service, Qudo can support companies with 10’s or 1,000’s of users, including multiple office locations and home workers, connecting to our central platform.

Customers can keep their existing numbers and setup new sites and locations and manage all elements of the service in real-time with our Uboss management portal. All service is on a monthly, per user subscription basis starting at £6.95 per user

Key features;

1. Mobile and desktop apps for Mac, PC, Android and iOS
2. Office, Office Pro and Knowledge Worker Bundles
3. Multi Site and Remote Worker Support
4. Follow Me and Simultaneous Ring
5. Mobile Twinning
6. Presence, collaboration, instant messaging

IP phones on the Qudo network securely authenticate themselves over high quality internet connections, either as an over the top (OTT) solution using your existing connectivity, or by using our dedicated IP Voice Connections. Simply plug the phone into a network connection to begin making calls

White papers

Qudo Cloud Services
Overview of Qudo Cloud Services

Qudo Cloud Services.pdf 4.94 MB

Qudo Hosted PBX
Cloud Based Unified Communications Data Sheet

Qudo Hosted PBX.pdf 6.64 MB

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