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Learn from the experts with insider tips and best-practice case studies, from the right tech choices to the latest regulations and mobile industry trends at UC EXPO 2018.

Mobile Seminars

In little more than a decade, mobile has developed from a simple portable voice and text platform to a  baseline model for 21st Century computing and rich-media communications. Furthermore, it's a preference, a way of life, and a new way to do business...

For the new generation of digital-native 'millennials', ambitious young people who've grown up with the internet and mobile comms, mobility is the norm.

Rather than a desktop, an office cubicle and 9-to-5 working, mobility for millennials equates to flexibility. They have the ability to work, network and communicate whenever and wherever they need to.

For IT decision-makers, team leaders, and other tech professionals, mobile is both an opportunity and a threat: an opportunity to get close to those employees, customers and partners for whom mobility is the clear choice, and a threat if they fail to act strategically to support business aims.

Failure to embrace mobility and flexible working means that employees will increasingly make their own IT decisions, mixing and matching whatever technologies help them to do their jobs. Even worse for IT managers and business leaders, they'll soon look elsewhere for employment opportunities.

Investing in mobile is an investment in the future. IT professionals need to learn how to manage and secure enterprise communications for a more flexible world of apps, location-based services, BYOD schemes, and 24x7 network access.

  Mobile Seminars



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