Bringing the smart home to work

Monday 19 February 2018

In this increasingly digital world, we expect access to information any time and any place. The modern consumer is more demanding than ever and this translates into how we live at home.

The smart home is booming, analyst firm Ovum predicts that by 2021, the number of smart homes will increase to 463 million globally. We strongly rely on technology for this to happen, to the point where we will never have to physically turn on a device again. IHS Markit lends further support to this trend, according to the research firm, 60% of all smart home devices will be integrated or embedded with voice control/assistants in 2021.


Voice recognition and other AI technologies embedded into devices are enhancing the way we live, increasing convenience and our overall safety. But there is still question on why this has yet to translate into the work place.


Organisations need to start catering to their employee’s demands if they want a productive, collaborative and successful business. In order to do this, the right tools need to be put in place.


Enter unified communications


As businesses continue to develop their UC strategy, we will start to see more cross over in smart technology. AI will play a big part in this, enabling productivity and collaboration in the workplace. However, it won’t necessarily be in the way we use this technology at home. For example in meetings, personal AI assistants will react intelligently to the conversation by suggesting relevant data, information and documents to support the conversation before you realise you need them.


The smart office is closer than we think. With new solutions including team collaboration, bots and AI tools that simplify the meeting experience, and new players such as Facebook and Amazon entering the market, how can businesses prepare for the next generation of collaboration solutions?


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