Flexing with the cloud

Monday 16 April 2018

Working 9-to-5 doesn’t exist anymore. As workforces become more global, demands for flexible working hours aren’t just coming from employees. Increasingly, employers are also asking for staff to work more flexibly, staying late or starting early to accommodate collaboration with other markets.

Technology is facilitating this collaboration and as it becomes more advanced, borders and time zones become less of a constraint on organisations looking to operate globally. 

But, technology isn’t just an enabler, it is also becoming a driver of flexible working and cloud is playing a key part in this.

Working in the cloud is the new normal. Everything from document management systems, to messaging platforms, video conferencing systems, productivity boosting applications, and everything in between can now be accessed as a cloud application.

This ease of accessibility means not only can employees work more flexible hours, it’s also far easier to enable remote working without hampering productivity or collaboration. But if organisations are going to benefit from this it is critical they don’t get overwhelmed with applications and put the right tools and processes in place.

Individual’s evaluating the best products for their organisations need to ensure that any solution will work across multiple devices, as inevitably collaboration won’t just happen on the business supplied laptop. Similar to fitting with how and where employees are working, the technology itself needs to also be flexible. Whether on the way to a meeting, working from home or in the office, employees need be able to communicate easily and be able to access and share information or screens without issue.

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