UC EXPO 2019 - Is all this Intelligence Artificial?

Is all this Intelligence Artificial?

Thursday 11 May 2017

The relationship between humans and computers is changing. In the near future, employees and customers of every company are likely to interact with AI regularly whilst receiving or delivering a service.

A recent survey conducted into the perceptions of AI found that (28%) of IT decision markers believe that AI is so beneficial that it’s needed in businesses now. 

Yet the perceived perils of AI still garner an increasing amount of attention. The majority of people talk of a sci-fi dystopian take on AI, as some form of misunderstood threat to the future of humanity (dominated as it is with concerns of “singularity” and intelligent robots taking humans jobs). AI is not some far off technology that we need to be thinking of “preparing for” in some academic way. In fact many of us are carrying AI in our pockets, thanks to Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant or Microsoft’s Cortana on our mobile devices. 

AI in Industry

The fact is that right now Artificial Intelligence and cognitive technologies will not truly replace human workforces. It is, rather, the most advanced form of human ingenuity in the history of technology: the study and practice of how we enable computers and machines to learn and to demonstrate intelligent behaviour. Instead of replacing jobs it is augmenting and assisting them in new ways, creating new industries and new jobs in its wake.

IT decision makers in the UK are strongly of the opinion that Automation (23.8%) and Machine Learning (38.1%) are the most valuable areas of AI for local businesses in the more immediate future.

Unsurprisingly it’s these areas which is where AI is currently coming into its own. Industry’s with huge data volumes such as financial services and healthcare are already implementing AI, specifically for its machine learning and automation capabilities, to help process their un-structured and semi-structured data, to save it being done manually by a person. As a result AI is improving critical issues like fraud detection in banks and accelerating cancer research.

At UC EXPO 2017  enjoy seminars from word class speakers as we explore the impact of AI on the modern workplace.

Join Ben Hammersley, an applied futurist, in his session "Planning for the AI Apocalypse"  

You can also see Noam Fine from i.am+ on "How Artificial Intelligence is about to change Business Communication forever"


We also have Phil Hatton from Cisco talking about "Man Vs Machine"