UC EXPO 2019 - When it Comes to Your Customer Experience: Ditch Legacy, Go Digital!

When it Comes to Your Customer Experience: Ditch Legacy, Go Digital!

Thursday 11 May 2017

Digital transformation can mean many things, but includes a fundamental idea—applying digital technologies to all aspects of life.


A successful digital transformation requires a shift in organisational behavior and cultural mind-set. It means creating a strategic road map that outlines implementation and ongoing process improvement. It requires executive buy-in, sponsorship, and steady leadership. Perhaps most daunting of all, it means companies working to truly know and understand their customers. It means enterprise leaders having a firm grip on the big data that infuses their organisations. 




The reality of a smart, digital world is clear. Advanced technologies like IoT and virtual reality are no longer science fiction, but fact. So much so that in just three short years, it’s expected that 100 million consumers will be shopping in virtual reality , and up to 20 billion objects will be Internet-enabled . Meanwhile, automation and data analytics have evolved from luxuries to enterprise necessities. Driven by this rapid pace of digital change, analysts predict that 65% of children today will grow up to work in roles that don’t yet exist .

Companies need to successfully digitize to remain agile, integrated and future-proof enough to support this future of everything. The good news is that 80% currently identify “digital transformation” as their top strategic priority . The bad news? These same companies are seriously struggling to migrate from their existing aged processes and legacy systems and architecture. Consider industries like government, where 71% of federal IT decision makers still use old operating systems to run important applications . How can they go digital without having the latest platforms in place to support a digital environment?

Organisations can’t re-imagine operations, re-engineer critical processes, or align key business areas the way they need to while relying on antiquated technologies. But creating a migration path is easier said than done. We have said it before and we will say it again, it’s about more than just the technology.

Sounds challenging, but it’s not impossible. Our ebook, The Fundamentals of Digital Transformation,  can help organisations get started. 

Don’t miss the keynote Redefining Communications for the Digital Era by Andrew Maher – Customer Engagement Evangelist
on 17 May at 10:20am to find out more.