UC EXPO 2019 - You Say You Want a UC Revolution, Well You Know… it’s With Nectar Services

You Say You Want a UC Revolution, Well You Know… it’s With Nectar Services

Monday 24 April 2017

Nectar Services Corp.’ flagship offering, the Unified Communications Management Platform (UCMP) is the industry’s first intelligent, end to-end UC management architecture that can help users not only pinpoint issues before they affect users, but also control operational costs and maximize return on investment (ROI).

The UCMP works across all vendors, ensuring that no matter what UC infrastructure an enterprise has in place, the UCMP can manage and monitor it all. IT professionals are able to effectively isolate issues within their internal network, the service provider, or even specific routers and turn up monitoring where needed within the UC network.

To meet the industry’s Quality of Service (QoS) challenge, Nectar works with other technology providers, such as Cisco, to further improve the UC experience for companies around the world. An industry first, Nectar Evolution integrates with the Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) to automate QoS and verify best practices that were previously manually-implemented.

The integration with Cisco DNA enables Nectar to optimize voice, video and collaboration experiences across the two most popular collaboration solutions in the industry, Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Microsoft Skype for Business. As a cross-platform, UC-aware solution, Evolution utilizes Nectar’s dynamic, rules-based policy engine in conjunction with Cisco’s software-defined networking (SDN) Application Policy Infrastructure Controller — Enterprise Module (APIC-EM), an integral module of Cisco’s DNA, to deliver unified QoS automation and verification across a Cisco wired or wireless infrastructure.  By automating these previously manually-implemented practices, Evolution ensures that a registered UC user receives the proper QoS treatment anywhere in the network. Nectar Evolution’s multi-vendor UC network visibility and diagnostics takes a significant burden off of the UC network administrators and eliminates the need for on-going QoS changes throughout the network infrastructure. 

Nectar will be showcasing these solutions at UC EXPO, Stand E103 .