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Panel Debates


UC EXPO 2017 will host a series of major keynote panel debate sessions exploring the key technologies that underpin communication and collaboration in enterprise and public sector organisations. If your organisation has deployed any of these technologies, or plans to, then these sessions are simply un-missable.

Future of Work

This panel is going to explore how changes in the way we communicate at work are going to affect the companies we work for and the people who work for them.

How can businesses evolve to support people working more flexibly?

What are the processes needed to support people who are being asked to work differently?

What kind of technology do we need to be looking at now?

What can we expect from the workplace of the future?


Make the most of Video

Video collaboration is becoming a mature and mainstream technology and is more affordable and accessible than ever before. Most workers can access video on their mobile and desktop devices so how do we make the most of this technology?

What are the productivity benefits of using video?

What are the principle barriers to adoption and how can they be overcome?

What advances in video technology can we expect in the upcoming years and how will they help?


Cloud Communications Workshop

It’s now accepted wisdom that cloud communications, when implemented effectively, saves companies money and increases their productivity. Adoption of the technology has therefore been widespread.  This sessions will provide tips for best practice when transforming your business and examples of mistakes to avoid.

What are the key factors to consider during implementation?

What mistakes should you avoid?

How long should a successful deployment take?

How do you work with your end users to ensure their buy-in?


Future of UC

Hear predictions for the future of Unified Communications from those key vendors who are helping to shape it.

What can we expect for Unified Communications in the Future?

What can we do now to prepare for it?

Why is it important that we are ready?

Why should business leaders be aware of this?