Now that we're 20 years and counting into the digital economy, you might think that network security would be robust, and low on IT professionals' strategic agendas. But the reverse is true: security still tops the chart of enterprise concerns as the number of hacks, phishing programmes, viruses and data breaches increases. As organisations move deeper into the cloud and into mobile computing and communications, security can be a major stumbling block for the unwary.

But IT leaders are not always to blame when systems are breached. After all, even some masters of data or network security – banks, film studios, ecommerce giants, social networks, and government departments among them – have found their best efforts thwarted by ever more sophisticated attacks, sometimes via hidden exploits in new applications or systems.

So, in an increasingly mobile world and with unified communications on the rise as organisations link their voice and data networks, comms security should always be centre stage. With every new link that's added to the UC chain, potential vulnerabilities arise – especially when the network extends beyond the firewall and into partner organisations.

But despite this, comms security is often given less thought than datacentre or application security, for example, so the time is right to put UC security firmly in the spotlight.

Hear thought leaders, vendors and high-profile users share their experiences and learn how to manage network security holistically, and from device to device.

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