Cloud & UCaaS Theatre

Tue 19th Apr 14:00 to 14:30

Putting the YOU in YOUnified: how to create a collaborative workforce

For years, companies and vendors have been talking about unified communication. Or UCaaS. Or UCC. But what does it mean today?

Until now, being unified as a business didn’t really mean anything. It had no clear purpose and no gold standard to aspire to.

To understand what it meant to workers, we surveyed 5000 professionals across Europe this year and found that:
- 2/3 believe workplace technology needs to catch up with personal technology
- 51% blame inadequate technology for restricting them from working most effectively
- 43% use mobile communication apps unsanctioned by IT

The research told us that being unified meant providing communication technology that put the user first. That put the YOU in to YOUnified. Workers want tools that are intuitive to use, that operate on the latest devices and that make their work lives easier.

During this session, find out more about our research and why understanding your workforce is the key to creating a truly collaborative company.

What you will take away from this session

  • Understanding what Consumerisation of the Enterprise means for the modern worker
  • How to create a more collaborative workforce
  • Key trends we’re seeing for the future of enterprise communications
  • What you need to make business communications personal


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