Cloud & UCaaS Theatre

Wed 20th Apr 12:40 to 13:10

The Cloud Pricing Conundrum

There is no “rule of thumb” to help estimate hosted / cloud UC solution pricing.  Even with quotes in hand, it is hard to compare – every provider has multiple user licensing levels, not counting add-ons for things like call center supervisors, call recording, etc.  This session will use marketplace data to draw comparisons between several of the major providers and illustrate how to determine the right user licenses and the appropriate budget.  Learn what you need to know to avoid surprises and control costs when considering an investment in a cloud UC solution.

What you will take away from this session

  • How are cloud licensing definitions different than premises definitions
  • What are the entitlements for the major providers’ cloud solution software
  • What are the standard list prices for the user licenses for each and what are the typical extras and add-ons
  • What are the average revenue per-user (ARPU) that vendors are getting and how to properly budget for a cloud solution


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J.R. Simmons J.R. Simmons View Profile