Communications Network, Analytics & Security Theatre

Tue 19th Apr 15:20 to 15:50

How to embrace technology to assist in growing your business?

For the first time both Telecommunications and IT users are able to customize and take control of their networks to fit their business needs by selecting the vendors, applications and service providers that best meets their needs.

Users will continue to benefit from technology innovations that can result into meaningful reductions in the business process workstream, lower cost application development, significant productivity gains in how workers and customers communicate, collaborate and get work done. This can add to overall savings and translate into direct bottom line profitability.

What you will take away from this session

  • How ro define your business technology strategy
  • How to develop a comprehensive and cohesive digital business technology platform
  • How to find the best technology and vendors to provide a technology solution
  • How to Secure and Protect the technology against threats and vulnerability


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Garrett Myers Garrett Myers View Profile