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Tue 19th Apr 13:20 to 13:50

WebRTC – A Failure or Pivotal for Real-Time Collaboration?

From incomplete standards to incompatibility with popular browsers, WebRTC in many people’s minds has failed to live up to the hype of plugin-less real-time communications for Web (and mobile) applications. Enterprises also cite other adoption inhibitors, such as lack of a compelling business case, architectural complexity and scaling implications for multi-party video conferencing.

In response, this session focuses on new approaches that augment WebRTC to deliver business value within employee collaboration and customer experience workflows. Through real-world examples, attendees will discover how WebRTC can play a pivotal role in companies’ digital engagement strategies.     

What you will take away from this session

  • How to use WebRTC in combination with existing collaboration technologies to drive value across mobile and Web engagement projects
  • How to achieve WebRTC’s vision of real-time collaboration in every browser with no new software for users to install
  • How to overcome hurdles like high bandwidth consumption, complex firewall traversal and expensive MCU resources that typically accompany large-scale video conferencing rollouts


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Gethin Liddell Gethin Liddell View Profile