Communications Network, Analytics & Security Theatre

Wed 20th Apr 10:40 to 11:10

Get Ready for the Future: Making Your VoIP/UC Network Secure, Reliable and Flexible

The constantly shifting communications landscape makes it imperative for IT managers to build a network that’s flexible and ready to integrate the next new technology or service. Yet, the network must be highly secure, reliable and cost-effective to operate, too. This session describes a comprehensive approach to building a flexible, vendor-agnostic communications architecture. We’ll describe how enterprise session border controllers (E-SBCs) can be complemented by session management and network monitoring technologies to improve performance and reliability, simplify operations and strengthen security.

What you will take away from this session

  • Key trends that are pressuring legacy enterprise communications investments
  • How to build a flexible infrastructure that enables rapid business transformation
  • How network troubleshooting tools can help you generate up to 627% ROI
  • The critical roles that network elements play in ensuring security, reliability and low operations costs


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Carl Blume Carl Blume View Profile