Enterprise Mobility, Video & Flexible Working Theatre

Tue 19th Apr 12:00 to 12:30

The Rise of the Agile Worker

Like all advances in technology, collaboration has the power to change the way that we work and even dictate our behaviors, norms and company culture, depending on how we understand and apply it.

Up until recently collaboration has been all about travel reduction and reducing budgets, but these benefits are now an out dated ROI model due to the fact that we all still need to travel. While technology has quickly evolved to meet the demands of businesses, most companies have failed to re-evaluate the true value of collaboration in this new mobile, digital work environment. So if it’s not about helping us avoid business travel, what is collaboration technology actually doing for us?

The point of collaboration technology is now to deliver the untethered work environment agile workers want and need, not to suffocate mobility. Work life integration is now priority for increased business performance. Flexible working is about more than just time and location, it is about autonomy and why people choose to work the way that they do.  Businesses today need to be more ‘agile’ than ever with connectivity providing a vital stimulus in the route to enabling agility - collaboration is the route to growth with agility as the key driver.

What you will take away from this session

  • Learn how travel reduction is now an out dated ROI model of collaboration
  • Discover how millennials are arguably the most valuable resource companies have
  • Find out how enabling flexible working with the right tools is a key strategy for attracting and retaining the best employees
  • Discover how companies that adopt strategies to support agile working create a more responsive, efficient and effective workforce


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