Dean Bubley

Dean Bubley

Company: Disruptive Analysis

Job Title: Founder


Dean Bubley is the Founder of Disruptive Analysis, an independent technology industry analyst and futurist consulting firm. An analyst with over 20 years’ experience, he specialises in wireless, mobile, and telecoms fields. He is one of the leading analysts covering UC, mobile infrastructure, service provider business models, voice/video communications and WebRTC.
He is known as a contrarian and visionary, often with challenging opinions that go against industry consensus. His present focus is on enterprise communications, 4G/5G/WiFi network technology and the “future of voice”, especially the evolution of WebRTC, VoIP/VoLTE, UCaaS, mobile broadband, eSIMs, service innovation, next-generation voice & messaging services. He also advises on trends in telco service creation & monetisation, mobile devices, IoT, applications ecosystems and telecoms regulation/policy.
He provides clients with advice and analytical opinion on topics such as business model validation, technology innovation and go-to-market strategies, "addressable market sizing", planning and due diligence. His clients include many of the world’s leading telecom operators, vendors and industry associations.
His latest research reports cover WebRTC, a disruptive innovation which puts voice/video calls into the browser, and the role of “non-neutral” mobile broadband monetisation business models.

Dean Bubley Seminars

  • Contextual & App-Embedded Communications: The next stage of integration for the enterprise Tue 19th Apr 14:00 - 14:30

    Contextual & App-Embedded Communications: The next stage of integration for the enterprise

    Enterprise communications is changing rapidly. Voice, video and messaging are being directly integrated in – and tuned for – specific vertical markets’ line-of-business applications. More conventional UC/UCaaS platforms can use “context” to make calls more effective – blending data from the web, user’s devices, speech patterns and more. With machine-learning, we can expect enterprise systems to help work out the right channel for interaction, for the right person, at the right time. This will even overlap with IoT developments, bringing a host of new uses and suppliers. This future-looking session considers the near- and long-term possibilities


    Dean Bubley

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    Time / Place

    Tue 19th Apr 14:00 to 14:30

    Enterprise Mobility, Video & Flexible Working

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