Garrett Myers

Garrett Myers

Company: Gateway Group

Job Title: Founder & Managing Director

Garrett Myers is an independent communications technology consultant, founder and managing director of the Gateway Group, based in Detroit, Michigan, US with an office in Ashtead, Surrey, UK. With an electrical engineering and business background Mr Myers has been assisting medium and large businesses and non-profit organizations acquire and effectively use communications technology for over 30 years.

Gateway Group’s clients include municipal governments, primary schools and universities, public libraries, software companies, Ford Motor Company, Dow Chemical and others. Projects typically include strategic planning of communications use, followed by technology selection and acquisition, Implementation oversight and post-installation utilization.

Mr. Myers is a Vice President of the Society Communications Technology Consultants (SCTC) International. He is a regular speaker at conferences in the US, Canada, UK and Europe. He has been a presenter or panelist at several past UC Expo events, speaking on the process of communications technology selection, implementation and utilization.

Garrett Myers Seminars

  • How to embrace technology to assist in growing your business? Tue 19th Apr 15:20 - 15:50

    How to embrace technology to assist in growing your business?

    For the first time both Telecommunications and IT users are able to customize and take control of their networks to fit their business needs by selecting the vendors, applications and service providers that best meets their needs.

    Users will continue to benefit from technology innovations that can result into meaningful reductions in the business process workstream, lower cost application development, significant productivity gains in how workers and customers communicate, collaborate and get work done. This can add to overall savings and translate into direct bottom line profitability.


    Garrett Myers

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    Tue 19th Apr 15:20 to 15:50

    Communications Network, Analytics & Security

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