Mayank Choudhary

Mayank Choudhary

Mayank Choudhary is Director of Product Marketing at Oracle. He is responsible for establishing and executing marketing strategy for Oracle’s Unified Communications Suite and the cloud solution. With more than 20 years of experience in the software industry much of it within the communications and collaboration segment, Mr. Choudhary is well versed in the business aspects of service providers and has driven adoption of communications and collaboration solutions at diverse and large operators and etnerprises worldwide.

Prior to joining Oracle, Mr. Choudhary held various positions encompassing all aspects of software development with emphasis on portfolio strategy and bringing new products to changing markets at various large companies.

Mr. Choudhary holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from Ohio State University, a Bachelor of Science from University of Iowa and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from University of Delhi.

Company: Oracle Communications

Job Title: Director, Product Marketing

LinkedIn: Mayank Choudhary