Rob Bamforth

Rob Bamforth

Company: Quocirca Ltd

Job Title: Principal Analyst, Business Communications


Rob Bamforth is a Principal Analyst working with Quocirca Ltd, focussing on business communications, with particular emphasis on where communications impacts people and things through mobile, social, unified and machine-to-machine (Internet of Things) communications. His overall experience combines sales and marketing, with an in-depth understanding of technology development and deployment.

Rob is regularly quoted in the technology industry and mainstream business media and is a regular contributor of analytical content to various publications and frequently blogs on Computer Weekly.  He regularly delivers presentations from formal keynotes at large events to informal off the cuff talks at executive dining evenings.
He has written numerous articles and many reports encompassing the impact and management of mobile devices, mobile security, the cloud, the Internet of Things, unified communications and video conferencing.  Rob also presents and contributes in seminars, video interviews and webinars, has been involved in industry groups such as the EVUA and Mobile Data Association and for several years has been a judge for the GSMA awards at Mobile World Congress.

Rob Bamforth Seminars

  • PANEL: Future of Video Collaboration Wed 20th Apr 11:20 - 12:20

    PANEL: Future of Video Collaboration

    The future of video collaboration promises to be a major disruptor in how we work and communicate across distances. This panel will give you access to world-class expertise from some of the most influential vendors in the market who will share their vision for the next 3 years. With issues around adoption, ROI and interoperability and disruptive technologies like WebRTC maturing understanding the what the future will look like is crucial if your organisation uses or plans to use video. This session is not to be missed.

    Chair: Rob Bamforth, Quocirca
    Tim Stone, Polycom
    Mike O'Boyle, PGi
    Antony Blake, Cisco
    Mark Richer, Starleaf
    Axel Albrecht, Blue Jeans Network


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    Time / Place

    Wed 20th Apr 11:20 to 12:20


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