Thomas Davies

Thomas Davies

Company: Google

Job Title: Director of Google for Work in EMEA

Thomas Davies is the Director of Google for Work in Northern, Eastern & Central Europe. Since joining Google in 2007, he has been focused on driving the Google for Work initiative to bring consumer-first technology to businesses. A frequent speaker, Thomas is known for his visionary outlook on the impact that technology can have on changing behavior and improving productivity.  Prior to Google, Thomas held leadership positions at Vignette, a SAP Systems Integrator and startup. He lives in London and received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Archaeology from the University of Southampton.

Thomas Davies Seminars

  • We can all be superheroes - AI and the workplace Tue 19th Apr 10:40 - 11:10

    We can all be superheroes - AI and the workplace

    If you could have a superpower at work, what would it be? The things of our dreams — the ability to communicate in any language; to access relevant information exactly at the moment you need it to provide intelligent commentary in a meeting; a calendar that acts one step ahead of you, blocking off time as you make commitments, so you can say goodbye to triple-booked afternoons. Artificial Intelligence has granted us many of the super powers we once wished for, and we are faster, stronger, smarter because of it. The most powerful AI exists as a tandem in which technology boosts the skills, brainpower or strength of everyday humans.
    Think of the smartphones in nearly everyone’s hands as an extension of our brains, and the rapid evolution of wearables and other smart devices; we can now make the “Office Space” version of ourselves almost superhuman. The latest advancement in apps, devices and software exists to make us more efficient, look smarter and deliver better finished product. And in the not-so-distant future, AI will be able to do even more of the mundane tasks that typically take a lot of our mental capacity and time, such as prioritizing projects, blocking off necessary time to work on them, or booking time to meet with the people necessary to get something done. This talk will tackle the following questions:


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    Tue 19th Apr 10:40 to 11:10


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