Yaroslav Rosomakho

 Yaroslav Rosomakho

Company: Arbor Networks, the Security Division of NETSCOUT

Job Title: Channel Acct. Manager - Advanced Threats

Yaroslav Rosomakho Seminars

  • Elementary! Investigate Like Sherlock Tue 19th Apr 11:20 - 11:50

    Elementary! Investigate Like Sherlock

    Security now is understanding quickly any threat within the network to take the right action in time. Event triage and incident investigation are bottlenecks within security, where we struggle to get the visibility and understanding we need in the time we have. This talk covers the vital role that threat intelligence combined with visibility plays to reduce the risk of serious security incidents.


     Yaroslav Rosomakho

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    Time / Place

    Tue 19th Apr 11:20 to 11:50

    Communications Network, Analytics & Security

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