Kathryn Penn

Kathryn Penn

Company: Unify

Job Title: Global Portfolio Manager

For the last sixteen years Kathryn has held various Product Management and Portfolio marketing roles – specialising initially on Call Centre solutions. But now, we’re in the age of the customer – they’ve gone digital; they’re mobile; they expect to be valued and they want communications to be easy. It’s this shift in customer service expectations that Kathryn has spent much of the last few years researching; considering how contact centers must align technology and processes to adopt new collaborative ways of working, and embrace communication channels that extend beyond the phone, including text, email, chat, video and social media.

Kathryn Penn Seminars

  • It’s the Age of the Customer - are you ready to meet their demands? Tue 19th Apr 14:40 - 15:10

    It’s the Age of the Customer - are you ready to meet their demands?

    By 2020, less than 10% of companies will be able to differentiate their products from the competition. This is a fascinating notion where the majority of companies will compete and position purely on the basis of customer experience. So are you ready for the customer engagement age?

    Customer engagement can range from zero-touch self-services to high touch customer conversations. Customers have seemingly unlimited ways of interacting with companies, whether it be voice, email, chat, video or social media. With customers in the driver’s seat they want to engage using the channel of their choice, and have those interactions woven together for a contextual, integrated, 360 degree service. An omni-channel approach means more relevant engagement for improved satisfaction and retention, and better business decisions.

    Unify’s Kathryn Penn will share the key to using collaboration and new ways of working to improve customer service and make it a business wide mandate.


    Kathryn Penn

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    Time / Place

    Tue 19th Apr 14:40 to 15:10

    Enterprise Mobility, Video & Flexible Working

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