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Videoconferencing and calling used to be the preserve of multinational or cash-rich companies that could afford to invest in bespoke, desktop-based systems. These systems still define IT excellence at the high end, but they've been joined by a broad variety of cloud-based video tools and applications, which make video and web-conferencing affordable to every type of buyer, both on the desktop and on the move.

Like cloud computing services in general, video is a great leveller for small and medium-sized organisations, collapsing distance, slashing travel costs and time, and making truly global collaboration and real-time communications realistic options for even the smallest business that has international customers, partners, or investors.

Free or low-cost video functions now exist in a broad range of tools and applications, with Microsoft Lync now rebranded as Skype for Business, and video options available in many cloud-based and mobile platforms, suites and tools.

Enterprise-scale web-conferencing is constantly evolving too, away from static presentations and towards fully functional, interactive rich-media experiences that allow users to collaborate in real time, sharing documents and other resources.

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