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Easily schedule and completely organize business meetings.
Scedule identifies meaningful dates, takes the availability of all invitees into account, works with every calendar and books your conference room right away.
Accordingly, Scedule is adapted for enterprises to increase their productivity by saving the time needed to organize a meeting manually. Besides, Scedule integrates Silo landscapes of incompatible groupware, automates individual workflows and thus enables an easy and smart meeting planning across the companies boundaries.

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Scedule Seminars

  • Schedule the Digital Workplace Sebastian Groß  |   Scedule   |   Wed 16th May 15:40 - 16:10

    Schedule the Digital Workplace

    In this session you will learn how Scedule adapts the organization of business meetings to today's working word.

    Are you grappling with the Future of Work and Digital Workplaces? And do you want to know how to make tomorrow's agile working world as efficient as possible?

    We think that Collaboration is still the key! Therefore we have to reduce the administrative effort for employees. At the same time as it is no longer appropriate for the user to act as an interface between the various individual systems and tools. These problems cause a loss in productivity and motivation.

    So in order to meet the challenges of our mobile and flexible working world, we concentrated on digitizing and automating the organization of business meetings. Because today's state of calendar sharing does not reflect the preferences, working hours or private plans of any employee.


    Sebastian Groß

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    Time / Place

    Wed 16th May 15:40 to 16:10

    The Future Of Work Theatre