Atchison Frazer

Atchison Frazer

Company: Talari

Job Title: WW Head of Marketing

Twitter: Atchison Frazer LinkedIn: Atchison Frazer

Atchison Frazer brings over 20 years of IT strategic marketing expertise to Talari, most recently as CMO of Xangati, a hybrid-cloud IT infrastructure performance management software provider acquired by Virtual Instruments. Prior to Xangati, Atchison was global marketing leader for ADC-vendor KEMP Technologies and also Gnodal Ltd (now part of Cray), an innovator of High Performance Computing data-fabric technology and High Frequency Trading fintech infrastructure.

Atchison Frazer Seminars

  • How Failsafe SD-WANs make UC Apps Dance Thu 17th May 14:20 - 14:50

    How Failsafe SD-WANs make UC Apps Dance

    A failsafe SD-WAN delivers both MPLS-class high availability and high QoE (Quality of Experience) predictable application performance for both TCP-based apps and real-time apps like VoIP and videoconferencing, whether built on a hybrid MPLS plus Internet WAN fabric, or a WAN made up only of Internet connections. Rather than requiring WAN administrators to map applications to network connections on a per session basis in a pre-determined fashion, a failsafe SD-WAN allows administrators to set high-level application polices, while the solution itself automatically makes per-packet forwarding decisions to reliably deliver traffic to the destination at the other end of the WAN based on knowledge of current network conditions. Failsafe SD-WANs are crucial to service assurance for business-critical apps like UC and UCaaS.


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    Thu 17th May 14:20 to 14:50

    Networks, Analytics & Security