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Christian Bozeat

Christian Bozeat

Company: macom GmbH UK

Job Title: UK Managing Director

Twitter: Christian Bozeat

Christian is the Managing director of the UK arm of Macom GmbH (UK) Europe’s  largest Audio Visual Technology consultancy. Christian’s passion is for deploying the correct technology in a structured stratigic and quality manner to change the way business, education works.  

Christian’s career in the Audio visual industry started in 1999 in Australia where he worked to provide the latest music via satellite across the country. On returning to the UK Christian worked for some of the world’s largest AV systems integrators in all areas of the industry including design, delivery, project management and business development. Christian has worked on some of the most prestigious Audio visual and collaboration projects around the world including many award winning projects world leading companies in many different sectors such as Telefonica, BP, Deloitte, KMPG, Rolls Royce, Shell, Clifford Chance, Hachette, Wipro, Atos and The WHO.

Christian has unrivalled knowledge gained from working on projects around the world including major projects in America, Australia, Canada, Africa, Korea, Singapore and Russia and Europe. Christians has detailed knowledge of the construction process both on and off shore and specialises in developing companywide AV , UC and VC strategy, deliveries to difficult and remote locations, complex construction projects and global deployments.

Christian Bozeat Seminars

  • Work place technology and UC strategy, what is it, how do you define it, test it, deliver and support it? Wed 16th May 13:00 - 13:30

    Work place technology and UC strategy, what is it, how do you define it, test it, deliver and support it?

    How does a modern business determine what technology it needs to ensure it is as productive as possible? How can it provide the right technology for its staff in today’s workplace? A defined strategy is key to the success of UC and collaboration deployments. People talk about collaboration but are they actually delivering? You will hear statements like “we have a fully agile working environment” is this really true? Once you have a direction how do you find the right tools in an increasingly crowded market? Then how do you integrate them, test them and deliver across your estate?


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    Wed 16th May 13:00 to 13:30

    Networks, Analytics & Security