Ian Guest

Ian Guest

Company: Modality Systems

Job Title: Head of Global Marketing

Ian has been involved in the UC industry for over 20 years, having previously worked for Philips and NEC, before joining Modality Systems. As Head of Global Marketing, Ian is responsible for helping organisations translate and understand the potential value of collaboration technology. With a wealth of experience in the enterprise communications industry, Ian is very aware of the need by business to realise the value of their technology investments. Ian is at the forefront of industry trends and analysing market insights to be shape the strategic direction of marketing for Modality Systems.

Ian Guest Seminars

  • PANEL: UC EXPO - The Year Ahead Thu 17th May 15:00 - 15:50

    PANEL: UC EXPO - The Year Ahead

    In the closing panel for UC EXPO, a panel of highly respected industry experts and influencers take a closer look at the year ahead and the trends which are likely to shape it.


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    Thu 17th May 15:00 to 15:50