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Marie Pettersson

Marie Pettersson

Company: Cyviz

Job Title: Chief Marketing Officer

Twitter: Marie Pettersson LinkedIn: Marie Pettersson

Marie Pettersson is a technology evangelist and promoter with a global focus and hands-on experience from Europe, Asia and Japan. She started in telecom and continued to the software industry and has over 15 years’ experience from the business-to-business technology space.

The focus of the past 10 years has been on emerging markets, products and services, where she has worked with developing and introducing enterprise mobility solutions and security services among others. She has acted as a spokesperson for emerging products and spoken at events in both EMEA and Asia Pacific.

Pettersson is responsible for Marketing and Go-to market strategy in Cyviz. She holds a Masters degree in Business administration from the School of Economics & Law in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Marie Pettersson Seminars

  • A physical meeting room for the digital workforce Wed 16th May 13:00 - 13:30

    A physical meeting room for the digital workforce

    Designing physical meeting spaces for the digital workforce will be critical to maximize the output of teams and organisations. We will discuss how consistent design = great user experiences and why that is critical for any collaboration solution. Standardization and reduced complexity will allow users to easily adopt new tools and technology. So, what are the different approaches to a future-proof meeting space? What are the principles to apply for infrastructure to survive technology evolution and ever-changing applications? The session goal is to provide you with the fundamentals needed to enable productivity and ideation in collaboration and meeting spaces.


    Marie Pettersson

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    Time / Place

    Wed 16th May 13:00 to 13:30

    The Future Of Work