UC EXPO 2019 - UC EXPO, Peter Thomson, Director, Wisework

Peter Thomson

Peter Thomson

Company: Wisework

Job Title: Director

Peter is an expert on the changing world of work and its impact on organisations, leadership and management. He regularly speaks on this topic at conferences and has worked with many groups of senior managers to inspire them to change their organisational culture.

He headed up the HR function for Digital Equipment for Northern Europe for 18 years leading up to the dawn of the Internet. On leaving DEC, Peter founded the Future Work Forum at Henley Business School. He was Director of the Forum for 16 years, during which time he studied the changing patterns of work and the leadership implications of these trends. At the same time he formed Wisework Ltd, now a leading consultancy in the field of smart working.

Peter is co-author, with Alison Maitland, of the business bestseller ‘Future Work’. He is also editor of a new book ‘Conquering Digital Overload’ published in December. This book shows leaders how to change their organisation culture to reduce the stresses of ‘always-on’ working patterns.

As a consultant and coach, Peter works with leadership teams and individuals to help them gain the maximum business benefit from new working practices. As a writer and researcher he is fascinated by the evolving role of leadership

Peter Thomson Seminars

  • Conquering Digital Overload Thu 17th May 13:00 - 13:30

    Conquering Digital Overload

    Digital Technology promised riches for everyone. The reality is enslavement in a 24/7 world of work, with stress for many reaching epidemic levels. Leaders must grasp the challenge to deliver a culture that works for all and follow new digital rules to deliver an engaged and productive workforce.

    This is the motivation behind “Conquering Digital Overload” a new book edited by Peter Thomson. It shows how stressful working patterns have emerged from the use of ‘always-on’ technology and how businesses need to address the issue if they wish to maintain an engaged and productive workforce.


    Peter Thomson

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    Time / Place

    Thu 17th May 13:00 to 13:30

    The Future Of Work