Blueprint Interiors install Clevertouch in their collaborative modern office

Thursday 10 May 2018

About the company

Blueprint Interiors is a workspace design and fit out specialist that aims to transform offices and other commercial spaces into environments where people feel happy, comfortable, and motivated.

Blueprint’s portfolio ranges from commercial offices, to healthcare spaces, to educational establishments, and more.

The Challenge

Blueprint recently redesigned its own offices to enhance the working environment for employees, but also to provide a walk-in demonstration of their work for visiting clients.

“These days we are connected 24 hrs a day, as a result we are spending more time logged-on to work – regardless of the time of day or where we are,” explains Rob Day, managing director at Blueprint.  “Sometimes the work-life balance gets distorted – so to offer a counterbalance we have created an office that provides a range of work spaces.  So rather than being chained to a desk our employees can choose the space that suits them best, depending on what they are working on.”

Chloe Sproston, creative director at Blueprint continues, “We designed an environment with a number of different zones including quiet working pods, meeting suites, open-plan spaces, and lounge areas.  If we need to focus, we can choose to work in one of the solo pods, if we need to brainstorm or work together on a client project plan we work in the open-plan collaboration area, or when we have client meetings we can transform the space into a closed meeting. We have called our working space ‘WorkLife Central’, which is indicative of the way we like to work.

“But we also wanted to create a space where clients could come and physically experience the different zones in a working office: a ‘living’ showroom where we can showcase the solutions available, such as technology, lighting, break out areas and acoustics.”

AV technology is a key component to making any workspace functional and was fundamental to the Blueprint offices.

Rob Day explains, “Central to our design was the need for collaboration, and to achieve this we needed an AV solution that could integrate and screen share with all employee and visitor devices, no matter what the platform or where they were located.

“The technology needed to be flexible and functional, but also stylish to complement the interior design.  We needed a large format interactive display that was intuitive and seamless, with a wide range of connective possibilities and functionality.  Plus, because we wanted visitors and staff to be able to connect using their own devices, security to protect the network needed to be considered.”

The Solution

Blueprint has installed two 65-inch Pro Series in its two-story showcase office space, one in a quiet working booth and the other in an open-plan meeting room.

The Pro Series met Blueprint’s requirements because it is a practical, versatile and intuitive walk-up-and-use solution, both in terms of functionality and mobility. 

  • The interactive displays can be used collaboratively, connecting to any device (be it Apple, Microsoft or Google), sharing information, with the ability to annotate directly onto the screen during project planning sessions, presentations, conferencing, client meetings and brainstorming.
  • The Clevertouch mobile stand allows the Pro Series screens to be easily moved wherever they are needed, enabling employees to mould their own workspace but also to fit prospective client demands during walk-in demonstrations.
  • The security features on the Pro Series enables Blueprint to isolate the screens from the office network so visitors that connect and share information won’t be able to access company files.
  • There is very little maintenance once installed, with software updates automatically delivered via the Clevertouch Over-the-air functionality.

The Results

“Companies always list ‘people’ as their most valuable asset, so it’s important to provide people with access to the best technology so they can optimise their work through integration, collaboration, and knowledge sharing,” explains Rob.

This has been true for both the Blueprint team and their clients.  The Pro Series has become central to the Blueprint team’s planning on designs and pitches; while the walk-up-and-use intuitiveness of the screens gives clients a demonstration of the collaborative potential of Blueprint’s office designs.

The 65-inch screens are small enough to be used in the solo work hubs, but large enough when located in the open collaborative working areas.

“The Pro Series is a very adaptable piece of technology.  Everyone in our office uses it, and it’s the central piece connecting with all other technology and mobile devices.  It is effectively the backbone of our office, impressing clients and employees alike with its versatility and collaborative capability.”

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