Brits welcome AI in the workplace – but is your business ready for AI?

Monday 30 April 2018

It doesn’t matter if you think AI is a force for good or evil, it is here to stay. However, when it comes to AI in the workplace, Brits are feeling positive. Research conducted by UC EXPO found that 85% of UK residents want AI to support at least part of their current job. With almost half of these individuals (44%) wanting AI technology to do all of their job, it allows them to simply manage the AI system.

Despite some people associating AI with the end of the world, it’s a technology which is becoming increasingly involved in our working lives. 10% of those surveyed are already working with AI technology and an additional 38% expect to be working alongside AI within the next two years. What many likely don’t know is that AI is already ingrained in so many technologies they already use in work. From search engines providing recommendations on associated topics to data processing software, and assistants built in to Office 365, AI is being utilised in many of the tools we use in our working lives, without many people realising.


The use of AI in this way means staff can become more efficient and can focus more time on activities which have significant business benefit. But before organisations adopt all the AI powered products, IT teams need to assess where AI can deliver real value, where it can enable better collaboration between employees and where it can help employees work smarter.


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