Capitalising on AI and Contextual Communications

Wednesday 18 April 2018

By Rob Pickering, CEO at IPCortex

As the web continues to evolve, current text and form-heavy transactional interfaces are giving way to conversational interfaces that take users on a personalised journey. The key to delivering transformational value will be deploying AI and UC tools that allow complex automated conversations and person-to-person communication to be integrated into the flow of the conversational web. But, while customer excellence is a top priority for many businesses, many are widely off the mark because they still offer limited useful ways for customer communications.


Over a series of three blogs in the run up to UC Expo, and my presentation at the event about optimising value by preparing for (and then adding) AI and context into communications, we’ll explore the key ways businesses can bring customers back into the conversation at just the right moment to capitalise on the value they can uniquely add. We’ll look at the importance of ‘contextual communication’ as the foundation for building compelling customer experiences, and how machine learning and AI will shape the future of automated customer engagement.


Join Rob Pickering, CEO at IPCortex , for his presentation on ‘how to optimise value by adding AI and context into communications’ at UC Expo on Thursday 17 May at 13:40.