Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 S For Education And To Take On Chrome OS

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Our Media Partner, Silicon UK, reviews the Windows 10 S for Educuation.


Redmond wants to tackle Google’s Chromebooks in schools with Windows 10 S

Microsoft has revealed Windows 10 S, a simplified and secured version of the company’s latest operating system aimed at schools. 

The Redmond company’s latest take on Windows 10 aims to provide an easy platform with support for educational apps aplenty. 

Terry Myerson, vice president of Windows and devices group at Microsoft, noted that the slimmed down operating system it “the soul of today’s Windows”. 



To keep things secure Windows 10 S will run only apps from the Windows Store and run them in containerised sandboxes, thereby ensuing that the use of apps does not mess with the underlying performances if the operating system. 

Furthermore, if a student tries to download software not authenticated by Microsoft, a pop up blocks access and directs them to similar apps found on the Windows 10 store. Teachers can bypass the security check and load Windows 10 Professional instead, which will allow them to download un-approved security. 

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