Plan for the UC future with smart, multi-channel, two-way communications

Monday 30 April 2018

One of the many challenges for budget-conscious CIOs is ensuring their cloud collaboration platform can keep up with the employee to whom voice, rich messaging, and messaging platforms are all second nature.

To be successful, an enterprise UC deployment must not only support seamless team-working among distributed employees, but also be intuitive and fit into the way people communicate in their daily lives. 


Forward-looking enterprises are already realising the benefits of an integrated UC channel that allows employees to collaborate on their mobile devices as well as the desktop – incorporating voice, rich messaging and chat platforms – all via a single app on a mobile device.


Cloud numbers, also known as virtual numbers or DIDs, are removing a major stumbling block to this vision. Cloud number provisioning services from global providers such as BICS allow enterprises to quickly set up communications services in new markets or offer value-added telephony services compliant to regulations, license acquisition and network service requirements.


These virtual numbers which can be provisioned effortlessly via APIs in the cloud, today come with very rich functionality allowing enterprises to offer every new employee in every new location the same collaboration platform from day one.


Looking ahead, global enterprises will start using rich context-based high-definition (HD) voice, chat and AI-driven machine based interactions. This will be followed by features that take voice-based collaboration to the next level, such as hyper voice technology for advanced analytics (like being able to search for a particular word or phrase in a recorded conversation) and virtual reality based immersive collaboration experience.


CIOs should ensure their cloud platforms are flexible enough to be able to accommodate these emerging trends. Smart, multi-channel two-way communications in the channel of their choice, over a platform that can seamlessly accommodate evolving user needs, will offer employees the full benefits of cloud collaboration.


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