UC EXPO 2019 - Shure

Shure: Video Conferencing

Friday 10 March 2017

Video conferencing is an essential, yet often overlooked tool for many organizations.

Good video conferences are productive, collaborative and engaging, but this only happens when everyone can be clearly heard and feels like an equal part of the conversation.

Poor sound quality is the number one complaint from those who use AV conferencing systems, yet for some reason second-rate audio is often accepted as normal. Not only is it distracting, but it inhibits collaboration and productivity. Poor quality meeting sound also forces the listener to strain to hear the person on the other end of a call, leading to listener fatigue, stress, headaches and aggravation.

Good quality sound improves productivity and leads directly to more successful collaborations and outcomes. When you need your words to be heard to communicate effectively with colleagues and clients across the globe, why settle for poor sound?

Shure will be tackling these issues on Stand E123 at the UC EXPO by highlighting the benefits of the Microflex range of AV Conferencing microphones, which enhance productivity and collaboration in meetings by offering the most intelligible conference sound.  

The networkable Microflex Advance ceiling and table array microphones dramatically improve the audio quality for modern conferencing applications where pristine speech intelligibility is of utmost importance. Microflex Advance draws on Shure’s extensive experience in microphone, audio networking and automatic mixing technology, and packages it in a discreet, architecturally unobtrusive design.

The versatile and scalable Microflex Wireless range of wireless microphones and supporting hardware have become the industry go-to solution for managed AV conferencing in large corporate boardrooms, multi-room environments, and networked campuses.

Shure will also be making the UK debut of the IntelliMix P300 Audio Conferencing Processor. Offering DSP algorithms optimized for A/V conferencing applications, the P300 pairs perfectly with Microflex Advance and Microflex Wireless microphones, for a complete, high-quality audio experience from Shure. Featuring acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction and automatic gain control for up to 8 Dante channels, the P300 ensures echo- and noise-free conference room audio that facilitates communication and collaboration. Easy to install and configure, the P300 also provides analog, USB and mobile connectivity options that make joining room systems and collaborating with laptops and mobile devices easier than ever.