What Mobile-First Means for Your Organisation

Friday 19 May 2017

From UC EXPO 2017 exhibitors PGi.

We all know the term digital transformation and understand the implications behind the kind of impact this movement can have on an organisation. The era of digital transformation has given rise to the digital worker, who is no longer centrally located in one physical space but can be found at any given time in one of a million locations around the world. With this evolution comes the need to keep employees connected in a seamless manner without sacrificing quality in tools to drive business momentum and productivity. 

In this digital age, collaboration is critical to driving communication for our global workforce. And over the years, a number of over-the-top (OTT) vendors have popped up offering bundled teleconferencing and collaboration technologies with office tools to the enterprise market. 


At the same time, digital workers are increasingly accessing these apps, audio and web conferences from their mobile devices or tablets. Our data shows that mobile participation on our audio conference calls is rapidly growing, with 36 percent of conference calls taken on mobile devices in 2016, a number that is expected to jump to over 50 percent by 2020.


Despite the number of conference participants joining global calls via mobile, many companies still rely on cheaper data applications which could mean sacrificing voice quality and reliability for the sake of convenience. 


Global, Mobile Collaboration

When we combine the trends of digital transformation, the emergence of the digital worker and the uptick towards a mobile preference for communication and collaboration, it becomes clear that OTT apps – while cheaper – may not always be the best option for a companies that needs to conduct global business.


So, why does it matter? With the number of VoLTE subscribers expected to rise from 488 million to three billion by 2021, it becomes even more critical that the tools IT teams are implementing within their organisations be able to deliver on a high-quality experience and not detract from the flow of work or diminish productivity. As such, the need for a high-quality VoLTE conferencing option with HD audio has never been more present for the enterprise.


So, how can enterprise IT teams ensure that they support HD audio conferencing via mobile devices across their enterprises without sacrificing quality? Furthermore, how can they curb poor quality and deliver on a mobile-led UC strategy?


The Mobile-First Evolution

Global conference calls tend to feature a distinct lack of quality, with poor audio that hinders clear, effective communication. PGi’s mobile collaboration exchange provides a first-of-its-kind global conferencing and collaboration service that leverages PGi’s existing global conferencing network and audio infrastructure to provide a next-generation level conferencing experience – from any mobile device.


Currently, mobile HD audio is only experienced on point-to-point calls, but by interconnecting to PGi’s platform for mobile collabo­ration exchange — either directly or through an IPX — HD audio conferences can be experience by any VoLTE customer on any network, in any country. High-definition audio dramatically increases the clarity and effec­tiveness of conference call communication, thanks to both a wider frequency range and a higher signal to noise ratio. This means your conference calls will feature decreased background noise, less clipping of double talkers, increased intelligibility for speakers with different accents or soft-spoke voices and less fatigue from strain­ing to hear on poor-quality calls.


Preparing for and integrating digital transformation into your organisation is a necessity to meet the demand of our globalised workforce. And while settling for low-cost or free OTT options may be a short-term fix, they could negatively impact your organisation’s efficiency in the long run.

Learn more about our mobile collaboration exchange and how it can help your business achieve better quality collaboration. 

By Lyndsay Cook, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Product, PGi