With digital communications, a new world of opportunity is opening up

Monday 21 May 2018

Chris Shaw, Principal Product Manager, Vodafone

Yesterday's inflexible IT infrastructure is providing diminishing returns. It’s relatively costly, and employees are challenged to communicate, collaborate and respond to customers as quickly as they need. As digital technology transforms the way services are delivered, the imperative now is to have the ability to join the dots between any number of communication platforms and information access points. Today, it’s perfectly normal for people to want to switch between, or blend, communicating via web chat, video conference, telephone, email and more over the course of just a single day. And they want to do so seamlessly.

The move of IT and communications to the cloud makes the journey to seamless communications possible. It offers new ways to connect your people, places and things. You can make data and voice services available to those who need it, when they need it. You can know when people are available and OK to be contacted, and be able to speak to customers in new ways that are more convenient to them.

The combination of digital and cloud technology presents the chance to rethink the way you work and to drive a differentiated customer experience through communication. This is why our focus at this year’s UC Expo is on exploring how new technology can make you think differently and more innovatively. Rather than being hamstrung by having to choose, for instance, a phone system based on what features it has, we want people to think first about the conversations they want to have and support– because technology advancements are making it possible to provide new levels of interactions and reimagine services.

On our stand at UC EXPO, we’ll be presenting some of the technologies that are shaping the digital workplace. Come and pay us a visit to find out what you can do today to improve how your organisation collaborates and supports its customers, and see how new innovation is changing the way we work. Join us on stand E124.